Pope Farms was established in 1950 and it all began with my parents, Mickey and Vivian Pope, and they preferred Brangus cattle. Along with my wife Myra and myself, Mike Pope, my brothers and our children, we have now had three generations of Popes raising cattle and after all these years Brangus has remained our cattle of choice. Unfortunately, we lost our dad in early 2019 at the age of 96. He spent 70 happy years operating the farm with my mother, Vivian, and she still operates the family farm today.

Naturally, I wanted to follow in their footsteps, so I bought a ranch in 1974 that bordered our family farm and I have bred cattle of my own for 46 years. Over the years, we have tried other cattle breeds, but we always go back to Brangus.

In 2015, with the guidance of Craig Green at GeneTrust, I bought 40 registered Brangus pairs from Johnson Farms and started our registered cattle business. We have grown the herd to 125 females with GeneTrust genetics. We artificially breed all females with guidance from Craig and then use our natural service bulls that are from GeneTrust stock. These are top selling bulls which are sons of Coronado, 3D, Csonka and North Star to name a few. All registered bulls and heifers sold have gone through the genetic and performance process and have records on the International Brangus database to support each animal.

The commercial cattle we raise on the ranch are also Brangus. We have used GeneTrust bulls for 10 years to develop our commercial herd and all heifers are bred with the top registered bulls that we raise. We also sell bred commercial heifers each year that are both natural service and artificially inseminated.

The Pope ranch is operated by my brother Andrew Pope, his son Tyler Pope and my own sons, Connor and Jordan Pope. Come meet my family and see our ready to work bulls and heifers.

Mike and Myra Pope